About Le Creme Partners

We create more certainty and shorten your path to financial independence by providing curated investment opportunities that generate income and build long-term wealth


Our Roots in Silicon Valley

We are Silicon Valley veterans, each with decades of experience in the fast paced world of technology. We have successfully managed large, high margin P&Ls

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Define Sucess

How we define success

Although we have enjoyed many professional successes, we recognize there is a lot more to life than a "successful career." For us, success is defined by happiness and security. It's ...

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The pitfalls of traditional  retirement savings

Over our careers, as with most working professionals, we have invested in the equity markets through traditional retirement accounts such as IRAs

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Moving from savings to wealth creation

We started diversifying our "retirement savings" through the purchase of real assets, mostly outside of our traditional retirement accounts. It became quite clear that

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The difference in the way  we have invested

Our investment experience ranges from traditional growth and value investing in the equity markets to the accumulation of income-generating real assets.

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Winning Together

As our friends and family have achieved success by investing along side of us, we want to extend our effort to help even more investors. Our goal is to uncover

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Why Curated Investments

Curated Investment

Have you ever been to a museum? The Smithsonian, for example. There are a lot of amazing items, all assembled in once place, carefully chosen for us. Who is responsible for bringing those things together and maintaining them? The curator.

Consider ancient Egypt.. There are likely more artifacts uncovered from that period than any of us could take the time to sift through.And most of it might not be very interesting or valuable to us. This is where the curator adds value by effectively filtering those artifacts so that when we walk in we can focus on those well selected pieces that will be meaningful for us. Ancient Egypt comes to life in an instant!

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Investment Philosophy

Curating starts with an understanding of the macro economic and business trends that provide the context for investment. We consider a range of data and perspective to help in our selection process, including:


Population changes


Employment trends


Demographic shifts


Tax implications


Regulatory environment


Political and monetary policies

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