Why Curated Investments

Have you ever been to a museum? The Smithsonian, for example. There are a lot of amazing items, all assembled in once place, carefully chosen for us. Who is responsible for bringing those things together and maintaining them?

The curator….

Consider ancient Egypt… there are likely more artifacts uncovered from that period than any of us could take the time to sift through. And most of it might not be very interesting or valuable to us. This is where the curator adds value by effectively filtering those artifacts so that when we walk in we can focus on those well-selected pieces that will be meaningful for us. Ancient Egypt comes to life in an instant!

Just as with ancient artifacts, there are many investment categories out there. And within each of those categories, there are a lot of individual investment opportunities. Further complicating things are the myriad of “voices” from those many camps that tout their particular investment or investment vehicle and the singular best path to prosperity.

The fact is, in life, there is rarely just one way to get where you’re going. So, why not be more flexible in your investing approach, and instead of looking for a single investment or investment vehicle, look for the best in any number of potential investment types? But looking at a large number of investment types, asset classes, operators, and financials *and* then balancing those against market trends, demographic trends, and the tax and regulatory landscape take a lot of work and know-how.

Le Creme Partner’s curated investments are here to help with the challenge. We spend the time, money, and energy to investigate markets, analyze trends, and build our networks of great operators. Le Creme will comb through individual deals to find those great opportunities and them to you. In short, we are your investment curators – we find, select, offer, and maintain these investments. But just like you, we are also investors. We, too, want great deals to invest in along with our investors.

We love the museum, and we will continue to rely on those talented teams who curate history for us.

If you’re looking for a better way to invest, come work with us and let’s curate the future together.


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