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We create more certainty and shorten your path to financial independence by providing curated investment opportunities that generate income and build long-term wealth

We are Silicon Valley veterans, each with decades of experience in the fast paced world of technology. We have successfully managed large, high margin P&Ls while leading teams and growing those businesses several times over. We are technologists, having developed and applied the technologies used to make our mobile and computing infrastructure work (it’s likely the work we have done has played a part in how you are consuming this content).

We have materially participated and benefited in several technology “exits.”


Our Roots in Silicon


How we define success

Although we have enjoyed many professional successes, we recognize there is a lot more to life than a “successful career.” For us, success is defined by happiness and security. It’s about the time we spend with our families – helping with homework, attending a soccer game, or eating dinner together. It’s what we experience when we’re able to slow down a bit and meet a friend for lunch. It’s about maintaining the personal relationships that matter to us. We also recognize that success is also about security, being able to take care of our families and not having to constantly worry about being able to pay the bills or about what happens if a job is lost

It’s about achieving financial freedom and helping others do the same.

Over our careers, as with most working professionals, we have invested in the equity markets through traditional retirement accounts such as IRAs and 401(k) plans. And although we believe these traditional retirement plans and advice have been useful for many people, getting them to start taking personal responsibility for their futures by “saving for retirement,” we also recognize that exclusively “saving” this way was not going to get us to our goals in the timeframe we desired. After all, we’re not “most people.” We take charge of our futures, ensuring we have a plan as to where we’re going and when we’re going to get there.

Exclusively saving for retirement through traditional means was not providing us with the wealth building and predictability we required to achieve financial freedom – the right level of income at the right time in our lives.


The pitfalls of traditional  retirement savings


Moving from savings to wealth creation

We started diversifying our “retirement savings” through the purchase of real assets, mostly outside of our traditional retirement accounts. It became quite clear that investing in these tax efficient, income-generating assets, such as operating real estate, allowed us to build wealth faster and more predictably. As we added value to the businesses and communities in which we invested, we began achieving our goals faster. Moreover, the generation of long-term streams of income from these assets dramatically increased our sense of security and started moving us closer to our vision of financial freedom – our ability to choose what we do and when we do it.

And as a byproduct, we have become happier and more empowered by the increased security and control we are providing to our families.

Our investment experience ranges from traditional growth and value investing in the equity markets to the accumulation of income-generating real assets. We have experience with a wide range of residential real estate, life settlements, non-performing mortgage debt investments, angel investing, and web-based properties and investing.

Our current holdings include investment interest in nearly $300M of commercial real estate which is comprised of >4,400 B & C class multifamily “doors.” In addition we hold a portfolio of SFR income properties, operating agricultural real estate, self storage, and web assets and businesses

Our real estate holdings are spread out over (4) major U.S. markets and (3) countries. We also hold investments in oil & gas over (3) U.S. states.


The difference in the way we have invested


Wining Together

As our friends and family have achieved success by investing along side of us, we want to extend our effort to help even more investors. Our goal is to uncover and bring opportunities to our investor network that will help us all accelerate our paths to financial freedom.

Our futures should be about our collective successes – let’s curate the future together.

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